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Making Mindful Moves is created by Travis Champion and Camille Charbonneau.
Our mission is to provide philosophies, tools, and strategies to help you exercise both the body and mind.
We have created a program like no other to help you build your Warrior self.

Through weekly Mindfulness and Meditation courses, learn how to develop your mental toughness,

and take it to the test during 1-on-1 personal training sessions and group fitness classes.
With our 12-week program, you will leave with life-long skills that will help you cultivate both

an active lifestyle, and a resilient mindset.

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Mental Performance Consultant and Fitness Trainer

Camille Charbonneau is a Mental Performance Consultant (MPC) with a Masters degree in Performance and Sport psychology. For the last 6 years she has been helping high performers see the value that Mental Skills Training has on performance and everyday life. Through teaching tools and strategies based on sport psychology research, she helps people feel confident and focused when it matters the most. Cam has worked with musicians, athletes, coaches, children, and business leaders. Her experience as an educator, competitive athlete, and personal trainer, make her a consultant with a wide variety of skills. With a holistic approach, she helps people build life-long skills that ultimately help cultivate more balance, focus and happiness.

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Certified Mindfulness Teacher


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